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General Rules & Procedures

Below is a list of General Rules and Procedures for
operations at Darnall's Gun Range

Note: Failure to abide by any of the Rules or Procedures or failure to follow the instructions of a Darnall's staff member can result in removal from the range property. Rules may be modified at any time and DGW Co. reserves the right to refuse use of the range or service to any person for any reason

The following actions will immediately result in removal
from the property:

• Falsification of personal information on safety waivers
• Shooting above safety berms (outdoors) or baffles (indoors), at target stands, or any range property (such as shooting tables, chairs, etc.)
• Using non-paper targets, except those provided by DGW Co.
• Use of tracers, incendiary, or explosive ammunition (Armor Piercing Ammo)
• Possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or any kind
• Attempting to shoot while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
• Attacks toward other shooter or staff, including those of a verbal or physical nature. The proper authorities will be notified of this behavior as well
• Knowingly participating in inappropriate conduct which compromises safety or the positive experience of other shooters
• Deliberate damage to any property. This behavior will be subject to arrest and proesecution for damages to property.

Additional Indoor Range Rules
• Anytime there is a problem with the function of a gun, lay gun pointed down range, with safety on and magazine taken out, and get a range officer
• No drawing from a holster, unless given specific permission (such as during a class, military/police training, etc.)
• Never cross the firing lane. If anything goes in front of the line, get a DGW Co. staff member or RSO. They will call a CEASEFIRE and retrieve the item for you
• Only one gun should be uncased and on the bench at one time
• All pistol calibers, and rifle calibers up to 30 carbine may be used
• Muzzleloaders are not allowed due to air quality concerns
• No aluminum or steel-cased ammo allowed
• Uncoated, solid lead bullets are allowed
• Up to 3 people may share a stall during a visit. While shooting, only the shooter should be standing in front of the bench. Observers may stand behind the shooter for safety or sighting purposes
• Rapid fire is allowed buy you do so at your own risk. Please be aware of your skill level when attempting rapid fire and act accordingly. Damage to range property is possible during uncontrolled rapid fire
• Dont pass loaded firearms from lane to lane
• No smoking permitted
• Shotguns may only use slugs
• No food or beverages allowed
• Clean all targets off of cardboard and throw in waste containers
• While in a booth all guns are to be pointed down range at all times. Absolutely no carrying of loaded guns inside range
• All firearms must be transported to the firing line unloaded in a case and muzzles must remain pointed down range while uncased
• Always keep your finger off the trigger until the target is within your sights

Additional Outdoor Range Rules
• Rapid fire is not allowed. A 2-second pause between shots is required
• Aluminim and steel cased ammo is allowed outdoors
• Do not cross the firing line for any reason, even for changing targets until the entire line has unloaded their firearms and showed clear
• Plastic garbage cans are not to be used as targets or target stands. If a target stand is needed, speak to a staff member
• All pistol calibers and rifles in pistol calibers are allowed up to 500 Smith & Wesson
• Unless otherwise noted, target stands should be up against the backstops
• On ranges with wooden platforms, brass should be swept off of the platforms after shooting for safety
• Supplied steel targets may only be shot with pistol calibers and un-jacketed rifle calibers up to .30 carbine
• To be approved for 200 yd. and 300 yd. shooting, shot grouping must be less than or equal to 4 inches in diameter (at 100 yds)
• Clay targets are NOT to be used as targets
• Loaded firearms should be pointed directly into the backstop at all times to prevent damage to covered firing points

General Rules and Procedures (covers all ranges and property)
• The speed limit for driving on the property is 5mph
• 50 cal. BMG is not allowed on any of the ranges
• Everyone, including those not shooting. must sign an annual safety waiver before going out onto the range and must sign in at the clubhouse at the beginning of each visit
• Shooters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
• Eye and ear protection is required on all ranges. This includes shooters and observers
• A valid FOID card, or out of state ID, must be presented in order to rent a firearm, buy ammunition, or buy firearms
• Our ammo must be used in rental firearms
• If a CEASEFIRE is called on any of the ranges (for safety purposes or going down range) immediately unload and set your firearm down, pointed down range. Anyone can call CEASEFIRE on the range.
• While not shooting, all firearms need to be unloaded while on range property
• Pick up shell case trash and toss into the provided bins and keep walkways clear of equipment
• All firearms must be transported to the firing line unloaded in a case and muzzles must remain pointed down range while uncased
• While not shooting, the chamber of all firearms should be locked open so that anyone can walk by and see that it is unloaded
• Always keep your finger off the trigger until the target is within your sights
• If you have any questions or problems with a firearm (such as a jam) remove the magazine, set the firearm on the table or bench, muzzle down-range, and find a staff member to assist you
• No cross-firing between stations or lanes
• Shooters are liable for any damage to range property
• Pregnant women enter the range at their own risk (put in release form)

Additional Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clay Range Rules
• If excessive talking is to be expected on the line (such as during instruction), use the manual puller button instead of the voice caller to avoid target wastage
• While shooting trap, only one shell is to be loaded at a time (unless during skeet or sporting clays)
• Shotgun empties are to be picked up and disposed of in the provided buckets
• If the clay throwers are not on, do not attempt to turn them on. Tell a staff member and they will turn them on for you
• Don't walk in front of the trap house while the clay thrower is on
• For group events on this range, grills are allowed for food preparation by shooters
• While shooting a round, all ammunition needed for that round must be on the shooting line at the beginning of the round
• Shotguns may be stored on the provided gun racks between rounds but the actions should be open and the guns should be unloaded
• No slugs are allowed on these ranges
• Shooters are not allowed to retrieve unbroken clay targets in front of the trap house