Dry-Fire: The Future of Target-Shooting

Attention Shotgun Shooters!!

Have you asked yourself these questions about hitting clays?
Why do I miss targets?
Why can't I hit a 25, 50, 75, or 100 straight?
What am I doing wrong?
Why do I feel like I am shooting in thin air?
Do I need a different gun?
Do I need some professional help?

If so, we can answer all of your questions by using our new Dry-Fire
A revolutionary computerized system used to analyze every shot, every angle, and every position of your firing patterns; using your own guns and own triggers!
Best of all, there will be no cost of shells or clay targets

Prepare to be Surprised

Make an appointment with one of our Dry-Fire Staff by calling 309-379-4311

Bring your gun that you will use for the simulated Trap Shooting experience


First Time Innitial Set-up Fee: $45
Includes set up in computer, instructions, printed analysis of every shot, and one hour of instruction

Additional Practice Sesstions: $30

* The system can handle up to a full squad (5) of shooters at a time