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Covid 19 -Instilling Safety and Precaution - Bloomington Illinois

As we continue to migrate from week to week, it is clear that the entire world is currently facing a catastrophe in reference to the Coronavirus now being deemed a pandemic. Although we can dispute the perspective portrayed by the media, it is evident that this disease is altering the general flow of education, businesses, and the everyday life of the population. Produce and convenience stores are being run dry, depleting their resources to satisfy those in need or panic. Many are taking extreme precautions in preparation for the intensity at hand; or that may arise. Here at Darnall's Gun Works and Ranges, we are committed to enacting the proper sanitary measures, instilled in the most diligent manner as we strive for mutual protection against this disease. Our team at Darnall's would like to emphasize our proper precautions for our indoor ranges and the spacious capability of our outdoor ranges; giving each member their own space. As a business devoted to your health and satisfaction, we have had a firm grip on our cleanliness protocols for countless years; however still will be exhibiting an increase in your protection as these issues proceed.

Closures and cancellations are taking place on a day to day basis, with an added advisory to stay in your own personal quarantine. Withholding these recommendations may leave citizens, families, and business owners in more varieties of struggle than one; while this standstill period progresses. As of today, our Shooting Ranges and Gun Shop will remain under complete operation, fulfilling your desire to get out of the house and maintain your presence within our firing community. Our team recognizes the current daily struggle, and will be working with members to ensure their needs are met while at our range. We strive to treat each members as family, and during a critical time like this we plan to stick together. With this understanding, rest in the ease that Darnall's Gun Works & Ranges is not only still available to you, but are taking both precautionary and financial measures to ensure your experience remains as intended.

Our staff and friends wish you, your families, and your businesses the sanitary conditions and safety they need during this time. When presented with such an unplanned situation, it is vital to be there for anyone who may need your assistance. At the current date (March 17, 2020), we are unsure as to when a greater control will be placed on the spread of this virus, but encourage each members safety and diligence toward sanitary measures. Our certified team of instructors are guided on a step by step process how to move forward with operating services with an implemented avoidance of Covid-19. Although getting to the range may be the lease of your concerns at the given time, we would still like to provide notice and mental ease that Darnall's is the organization you can trust to take proper measures as we make a stand towards the coronavirus.

Every city in Illinois, including the rest of the world, is facing the current struggle together; with hopes that implementations will eventually place a stronger grip on this infection. Our team at Darnall's Gun Works & Ranges is on standby for your each and every need. Do not hesitate to reach out with your concerns or questions, especially as political officials begin to place their own version of a grasp on this virus (directly targeting the firearm community).

- Darnall's Gun Works & Ranges
Bloomington, IL