Concealed Carry Renewal Classes

Limited Spots Available

Concealed Carry Renewal Class Photo

It is our pleasure to host upcoming Concealed Carry Renewal Classes this year for Central Illinois. Our instructors have formulated a precise plan to provide extensive knowledge, offering the the highest-quality techniques when working with a concealed weapon

Upcoming Class Dates

November 14: 8am-12pm
November 17: 10am-2pm
November 18: 1pm-5pm
November 28: 8am-12pm
December 8: 8am-12pm
December 8: 1pm-5pm
December 12: 8am-12pm

Class Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $50
Necessities: 100 rounds of ammunition, outside holster, extra magazine, current CCW Permit

Contact us Today to Register
Phone: 1-309-379-4331