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NRA Youth Camp

[2019] - NRA Youth Camp Registration

July 25-28, 2019

It is our pleasure to host the 25th Annual Youth Shooting Camp. Youth Camp provides an opportunity for advanced training for your son or daughter. The activities are designed to give the student advanced shooting skills that emphasize safety. Youth Camp is a fun adventure for boys and girls, recommended for ages 8 to 16 years. It is held under the close supervision of NRA trained instructors, Department of Natural Resources Instructors, shooting coaches and other skilled volunteer adult leaders. All the Youth Camp staff are excited about this year’s program. The information you need for camp is included in this guide. However, if at any time you feel you need more information, please contact Alison Darnall at 309-830-4052 or Christina Darnall at 309-379-4331


Step one
CLICK HERE to download the sign up form and release

Step two
If paying through Paypal: CLICK HERE to submit payment and hold a spot for your child
(A $3.75 Service Free will be added for Processing)
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If paying by Check: please mail/drop off your payment of $125 with your completed forms.
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Step three
MAIL (or drop by) your completed forms for each child. You have ONE WEEK from the time you hold your spot with payment for us to receive your forms. If we do not receive the completed forms, your spot will NOT be guaranteed and your child’s spot will be given to the next person in line.

Interested in Volunteering

CLICK HERE for the sign up form and release for volunteers