We have a wide variety of league and club activities for you to enjoy! Whether you're a pistol, rifle, or shotgun shooter, we've got you covered

IDPA Pistol League

• Develop proficiency in handgun use for self-defense
• Use concealed carry principles to solve simulated self-defense scenarios
• $15/person. Includes 3-4 runs through scenario depending weather
• 1st Sunday of each month starting at 8am. Weather permitting (held outdoors!)
• Contact Erin at 309-863-5565 or visit www.BloomingtonIDPA.com for more info

Tactical Indoor/Outdoor Pistol League

• Simulated self-defense scenarios and real-life encounters
• Similar to IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)
• $12 for 2 runs, $18 for 4 runs, $24 for 6 runs, $30 for 8 runs, etc
• Every Thursday from 5-9pm (indoors) or 5-dusk (outdoors)
• Contact Darnall's at 309-379-4331 for more info

SASS Cowboy Action Shooting

• Use single action firearms to shoot simulated Old-West scenarios using steel targets and props
• Dress up like your favorite cowboy or cowgirl and come join the fun!
• Every 3rd Saturday from approx. 8am-12pm at Darnall's
• Local club is the McLean County Peacemakers
• Visit their website at www.McleanCountyPeaceMakers.com for pricing and info

Open Trap League

• Shoot two rounds (50 targets), voice-activated
• Bring your buddies for some friendly competition in a laid back environment
• $10/person
• Every Tuesday night from 5-9pm, May-July
• Contact Darnall's for more info

Open Skeet League

• Shoot two rounds (50 targets)
• Offers a simulated bird-hunting experience
• $10/person
• Every Tuesday night from 5-9pm, August-October
• Contact Darnall's for more info

Growmark Trap League

• For employees, retired employees, family, and friends
• Two rounds (50 targets), voice-activated
• $10/person
• Every Wednesday night from 5-9pm, April-June and August-October
• Contact Darnall's for more info

Shoot Trap under the Lights

• Open to the public
• Not a league, so there isn't a limit to the number of rounds
• Regular member/non-member pricing applies
• Thursday nights all year long